mEpiWorks is the International Working Group for Molecular Epidemiology -
an informal community to support the use of molecular tools in (veterinary) epidemiology


Epi-interactive is proud to host the International Working Group for Molecular Epidemiology (mEpiWorks).

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mEpiWorks aims to:

  • Support the wider application and a better understanding of molecular tools in (veterinary) epidemiology
  • Provide a communication platform for colleagues with similar interests
  • Keep interested colleagues up to date with current research and developments
  • Publicise upcoming job and research opportunities


If you are interested in hosting or attending a workshop on molecular epidemiology please email
As a group we offer introductory courses, but also sessions on more specialised subjects such as outbreak investigations, surveillance, source attribution or combining molecular with spatial tools. 
NEW - See the Events page for our upcoming workshops in Montréal, Canada (November 2013) and Bern, Switzerland (March 2014)


mEpiWorks was co-founded by:
Dr. Petra Muellner, Epi-interactive / Massey University, New Zealand
Prof. Ruth Zadoks, Moredun Research Institute, UK
Prof. Nigel French, Massey University, New Zealand
Dr. Andres Perez, Center for Animal Disease Modeling and Surveillance, USA

Prof. Nigel French: Molecular tools for surveillance

Presented by mEpiWorks founding member Prof. Nigel French at the Surveillance Workshop, Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand, March 2010

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