International expert consultancy in food safety and animal health

Since July 2014 Petra Muellner has been assisting the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) in the development of a new training package on early warning capacity building for food safety. She has contributed to the development and delivery of face-to face workshops in Nairobi (Kenya), Budapest (Hungary) and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

Handbook summary:
Worldwide, food safety incidents can have a significant impact on public health, economies, agrifood trade, food security, and public confidence in the food supply. The prevention, mitigation, and management of food safety incidents globally can be enhanced through more effective early warning systems for food safety. Early warning systems help countries to better anticipate food safety threats and respond quicker through appropriate risk management actions. This publication provides a resource for countries to enhance their early warning capabilities and capacities. It emphasizes the need to build and connect links between existing food safety infrastructure (e.g. surveillance and food control) and to improve collaborative relationships among all of the different food chain stakeholders in order to protect public health and the food supply.

  Full handbook available here.