Interactive, web-based human and animal health data visualisation with RStudio Shiny

Dr Uli Muellner, EPI-interactive, uli@epi-interactive.com


Three-day data visualisation workshop
Hosted by the Swedish National Veterinary Institute, Uppsala, Sweden
Cost EUR 950, excl. VAT
Maximum number of participants: 15
Workshop language: English
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Questions? Please contact: Uli Muellner, uli@epi-interactive.com, +64 27 292 2296

Registration is available via the form below.
Registration closes 14 February 2018 (after this a late registration fee of EUR 100 applies, places are subject to availability)


RStudio Shiny is becoming an increasingly popular tool for web-based, interactive data visualisations. The open source framework provides a flexible way to create and output modern information dashboards while drawing on the statistical power of R in combination with commonly used web technologies. This hands-on workshop will familiarise you with RStudio Shiny programming and will cover design approaches, coding essentials and how to publish your newly created app.



Provided (per download link):

  • Workshop notes and instructions
  • Coding examples

Participants to bring:

  • Their own laptop with R and RStudio installed:
    • R version 3.3.0 or later
    • RStudio 1.0.136 or later



  • Basic R programming skills
  • Some programming experience in HTML would be beneficial; however it is not mandatory


Day 1 (Starter)

  • Welcome and intro, incl. demonstrations of Shiny apps
  • Getting set up and version control
  • How to build a basic app
  • Shiny interface layout
  • Adding user interface components and reactivity
  • Shiny publishing: options, pros and cons

Day 2 (Starter)

  • Utilising different data sources
  • Design approaches for effective and stunning interfaces for data visualisations
  • Creating dynamic user interfaces and null-checking
  • Integrating interactive, vector-based graphs: Plot.ly, Google Charts, nvD3
  • Top 10 tips when working with Shiny

Day 3 (Advanced)

  • Controlling reactivity: observe, isolate, eventReactive, observeEvent, freezeReactiveValues
  • Optional: spatial visualisations with Leaflet
  • Shiny debugging strategies
  • Using bootstrap grid system for supporting multi-devices
  • Customising the look and feel: theming
  • Custom inputs



Dr. Uli Muellner is an IT professional with a background in adult teaching and computer science, including a PhD in media education. Uli is a director of EPI-interactive, a Wellington-based consultancy company where he heads the data visualisation and e-Learning portfolio.