R Shiny Masterclass Series

Learn from the experts how to create interactive, web-based visualisations with R Shiny

R Shiny is becoming an increasingly popular tool for highly customised data visualisations for the web. The open source framework provides an accessible and flexible way to create modern information dashboards. While R Shiny is able to draw on the analytical power of R it can also be used to visualise any data or outputs from other statistical software such as STATA or SAS. Learn how to use R Shiny for your next data visualisation project and get insights into what R Shiny is capable of.

The masterclass will be led by Dr. Uli Muellner (Epi-interactive Director - IT & Learning) and taught with support from Epi-interactive team members.  |  Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/ulimuellner

ONLINE MASTERCLASS  |  17 August – 4 September 2020

Introduction to R Shiny

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3-week period   |   Interactive online sessions   |   Active learning support

Fee $965 NZD (excl. GST)   |   10% discount for graduate students of Canadian Veterinary Colleges (limited places)   |   Limited group size  |  Register here

Presented by Epi-interactive in collaboration with Centre for Applied Epidemiology, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan


This online masterclass will introduce you to R Shiny programming and will cover R Shiny capabilities, design approaches, coding essentials and how to publish your newly created app. Case studies will be used to provide applied examples of R Shiny apps in action.



  • Basic R programming skills; we can provide online learning resources prior to the workshop if you haven’t used R before or are unsure if you have the required knowledge.
  • Some experience with HTML & CSS would be beneficial; however, it is not mandatory.




  • Interactive online sessions with individual feedback
  • Online support forum throughout with expert support
  • Online access to workshop material and coding examples

Software (instructions will be provided)

  • R and RStudio Desktop
  • R packages
  • Git version control



90-minute interactive online sessions, plus online support throughout the course.


Session start times

Vancouver (PDT) 2pm
Toronto (EDT) 5pm

Oceania (next day):
Sydney (AEST) 7am
New Zealand (NZST) 9am



Session 1 | August 17th | Getting started with RStudio Desktop, your first R Shiny app and Git version control

Session 2 | August 18th | R Shiny core concepts and mobile ready layout

Session 3 | August 20th | R Shiny user interface components, reactivity and debugging

Session 4 | August 24th | Publishing R Shiny apps, design considerations and case study

Session 5 | August 25th | Data sources and data processing in R Shiny

Session 6 | August 27th | Interactive charts with Plotly: chart types, customising hover boxes and chart styling

Session 7 | August 31st | Maps and spatial visualisation with Leaflet: adding map layers, annotations, pins, filters and legend

Session 8 | September 1st | Case study, top 10 tips for data visualisation with R Shiny and wrap-up

MASTERCLASS   |  17 – 18 September 2020

Advanced R Shiny

Download workshop flyer PDF

Two-day masterclass hosted in Wellington, New Zealand

Registration $1450 NZD (excl. GST)  |  Register here

Interested in an online version of this masterclass? Contact us to register your interest jen@epi-interactive.com


This advanced masterclass will expand on basic R Shiny functionality and teach you how to tackle more complex features in a structured way. We will dive into creating dynamic interfaces for multi devices and explore R packages that provide a richer user experience.



  • You have joined the Introduction masterclass or have worked with R and R Shiny before. You are familiar with elementary R Shiny UI and server functions.
  • Some programming experience in HTML would be beneficial; however, it is not mandatory.




  • Masterclass notes and instructions
  • Coding examples

Software (instructions will be provided)

  • R and RStudio Desktop
  • R packages
  • Git version control



Day 1

  • Introduction, recap of R Shiny fundaments
  • Supporting multi-devices: bootstrap grid system extended, media queries, conditional UI elements
  • Supporting multi-devices: coding challenge
  • Best practice coding: modularising code
  • Controlling reactivity: observe, isolate, eventReactive, observeEvent, freezeReactiveValues
  • R packages to extend core R Shiny functionality: DT, shinyJS, shiny.router
  • Case study: LAB/savi - advanced R Shiny app to support a Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Day 2

  • Recap of Day 1
  • RStudio Professional: RStudio Server, RStudio Connect, RStudio Package Manager
  • Data sources: recap (filter, mutate, sort), database queries (read and write), performance considerations
  • Basic user authentication using encryption
  • Case study: NZ COVID–19 dashboard
  • Programming sins and how to avoid them
  • News and trends with R Shiny, considerations when working with open source software
  • Discussion and close

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