Translating science into practical information

The goal of the AMR Vet Collective is to translate the science around antimicrobial resistance and stewardship for practicing veterinarians. Applying stewardship principles in veterinary practice with confidence is not an easy feat, so we helped the researchers leading the initiative create a knowledge hub loaded with curated AMR resources, including dedicated infographics, animations and online learning modules.

All the resources you need in one place

The AMR Vet Collective website synthesises information and resources about AMR for veterinarians in Australia and New Zealand. It pulls together information in a way that no matter what your role or practise, you can easily find the resources that are relevant to you.

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Information for where you need it

It was important to make sure people had the resources they need when and where they needed them. To address this, we created a series of printouts and posters for use in-clinic and on the road to refer to during consults.

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Knowledge in a nutshell

The website also includes a dedicated online learning management system which we have built and are maintaining for the project.

As part of the content development we produced a short animation to walk veterinarians through the essential concepts of how antibiotics work and the most common mechanisms of resistance. The animated format facilitates communication of information in an engaging and effective way.

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