We bring fresh ideas to human and animal health.



We work with individuals, public, and private organisations both locally and globally to help improve human, animal, and environmental health. We do this through consultancy, capacity building initiatives and applied research.

Epidemiology and Veterinary Public Health 

We provide technical consultancy, on topics such as risk or impact assessment, epidemiological analysis, surveillance, animal health, food safety, biosecurity, and One Health.

IT Development

We build, improve, and support information technology systems including databases, web and mobile applications as well as business intelligence solutions where we integrate and connect different systems.

Training and Learning

We offer workshops, online or blended learning – whatever the best format. Clients highly value our customised approach and we can also teach you how to develop online learning yourself.

Information Synthesis, Visualisation and Dissemination

We bring information to life and make it accessible in many ways, whether through sharp reports, infographics, interactive data visualisation or media tools.

Facilitation and Project Support

We are experts in deep collaboration, linking stakeholders and decision-makers to achieve a common goal. We help projects succeed through our ability to organise, identify, and meet key project needs.

Review and Evaluation

We regularly assist organisations through independent reviews and evaluation of programmes, projects, and proposals.

We are a small and agile company committed to providing high-quality services.



Our multi-disciplinary expertise allows us to create a variety of outputs that are not only accurate, but also tailored to the audience. Converting abstract data or information into accessible and well-presented media is a passion of ours.

Data Visualisation

We use our team of developers, designers, and scientists to visualise data in new ways.

Online Applications

We design and develop web and mobile applications to make your projects accessible to a wide and varied audience.

Scientific Reports

We write, review and assess scientific reports.

Supporting Media

We design and develop media to support your projects including booklets, posters, motion graphics, infographics, and video tutorials.

We convert abstract data and information into meaningful outputs that are easy to understand.



We work with you from start to finish.

Client First

Your goals and needs for the project come first. We have the agility to approach projects in innovative ways to help clients from a variety of backgrounds. 


We are epidemiologists, IT specialists, designers, writers, researchers, and more. Working across disciplines is second nature to us.

In-Depth Collaboration

We believe best solutions need active collaboration and your opinions, feedback and concerns matter. During a project we frequently interact with you to ensure your project is on the right track.


Our knowledge isn’t limited to our team. We commonly source solutions through our wide international network.

Practical Solutions

Outputs have to meet the needs of a diverse group of stakeholders and users. Whether it’s infographics, online training or research, our projects deliver value in the real world. Our diverse team ensures that happens.

One Health

Human and animal health issues aren’t isolated but deeply connected. We have the expertise to look at health from a holistic perspective and bring human, animal, and environmental health closer together.

We approach problems in innovative ways to help clients from a variety of backgrounds.



Here are some of the amazing people and organisations we have worked with over the years.

We are on the Ministry of Health Preferred Supplier Panel for New Zealand Health Survey data analysis and reporting.

We are on the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Agricultural Services Panel.

We are a registered supplier of training service for Animal Health Australia.


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