R Exchange 2024

Antonello di Nardo

Senior Molecular Epidemiologist
The Pirbright Institute

Antonello is a senior molecular epidemiologist with a research focus on multi-scale processes that drive transmission dynamics of infectious diseases. Passionate about integrating digital technology with science, he implements analytical methods adopted from molecular evolution, epidemiology, population and ecosystem ecology to understand how viruses spread, change and affect animal health.

Photo of Antonello di Nardo
"openFMD: A digital platform to support Foot-and-Mouth Disease global surveillance"

Digital technologies have transformed many aspects of pathogens surveillance, as we recently witnessed with the application of precision epidemiology to pandemic response. In collaboration with EPI-interactive, the FAO World Reference Laboratory for Foot-and-Mouth Disease has developed openFMD, a global repository and visualisation platform for Foot-and-Mouth Disease. By enabling research and policy through FMD virus genomics and surveillance tools, openFMD aims to improve timely analysis and communication of FMD surveillance data, identification of surveillance gaps and provide evidence-based decision-making processes for FMD control.