Our mission is to connect data and information with people and decisions.

We are an agile and highly collaborative team of technical experts, software developers and designers.

Our multidisciplinary thinking allows us to marry complex analytics with stunning design and high functionality to create high-impact solutions for our clients.

Epi-interactive is an Approved Government Supplier on the New Zealand DIA Marketplace.

Dr Uli Muellner headshot

Dr Uli Muellner

BSc, PGD (Computer Sciences), PhD

Managing Director

+64 (0)27 292 2296

Uli's broad experience around system architecture, data and reporting, coupled with a keen sense for quality execution, makes him one-of-a-kind in the information technology universe.

As the operational engine of our team he helps our clients navigate the technology jungle while overseeing our design and production pipelines. Uli ensures that our projects run like clockwork and our outputs are both precise and beautiful. He is also in charge of our Posit partnership programme; helping our clients getting the most out of R and Posit products.

Dr Petra Muellner headshot

Dr Petra Muellner

Dr. med. vet., MSc (Public Health Epi), PhD, Dipl ECVPH, MANZCVS (Epidemiology)

Director (Science & Data)


In an increasingly complex world Petra’s work drives to connect data and information with people by augmenting science and data with user experience design and digital technologies. Her ability to amalgamate her scientific background with a strong sense of pragmatism and practicality makes her a skilled problem solver and visionary.

Petra injects her highly contagious passion and tenacity into our projects to help our clients get valuable outputs and turn their ideas into reality.

Dr Liang Yang headshot

Dr Liang Yang

BSc (Mechatronic), MSc, PhD (Computer Science)

Senior Software Engineer


Liang is our computer whiz who makes the magic happen in our data science projects and dashboards. He has broad experience in both front and backend software development and is familiar with most common programming frameworks and technologies. With a PhD in Cloud Computing and top-tier certifications in AWS and Microsoft Azure he also brings valuable expertise to our clients’ server infrastructure and dev ops processes. If that weren’t enough already, he has a passion for big data analytics, machine learning and all things complex and challenging.

Shanna Tervoort-McLeod headshot

Shanna Tervoort-McLeod

BDes (Hons)

Design Lead


A native Wellingtonian, Shanna is our designer extraordinaire who is responsible for the stunning interface and data visualisation designs that we are known for. With a keen eye for detail and a quick mind she effortlessly translates technical requirements into practical design. She is a breeze to work with and goes above and beyond to get things right for our clients.

Nick Snellgrove headshot

Nick Snellgrove

BE (Software Engineering, Hons)

Tech Lead


Nick is passionate about building fit-for-purpose software for our clients and is our go to problem solver. Along with being fluent in R and R Shiny development, he has a particular passion for spatial data visualisations, User Experience (UX) and XR technology. Quick to learn and a hard worker, he makes our data visualisations shine.

Eduard Martinez headshot

Eduard Martinez

MSc (Computer Science), BCoMS

Software Engineer


Originally from the other side of the world, Barcelona, Edu brings years of industry experience into the team. He is highly versed in the web development ecosystem with applied experience across different kinds of customers and technologies. With a strong interest in the DevOps and Cloud engineering, he has a wealth of knowledge to support data scientists to realise their ambitions.

Ben Rhodes headshot

Ben Rhodes

BSc (Computer Science)

Full-Stack Developer


A native Wellingtonian and Victoria University educated, Ben is a resourceful web developer who leans more towards the back end of software development. He’s quick to learn and find solutions and has an awesome background in cloud infrastructure and deployment. He is always searching for opportunities to optimise DevOps processes both internally and for our clients.

Lydia Acton headshot

Lydia Acton

BSc (Computer Science)

Junior Developer


A Computer Science Graduate of Otago University graduate, Lydia’s expertise spans from computer science into mathematics and statistics. Equipped with a keen interest in Python, data science and web development she develops quality code for our clients that is both flexible and effective to use.

Poppy Schlaadt headshot

Poppy Schlaadt

BSc (Computer Science)

Junior Developer


Originally from Dunedin, Poppy studied Computer Science at Otago University. With expertise spanning both front and back-end development, Poppy specialises in harnessing the power of C++, JavaScript, and React. She is passionate about creating dynamic digital solutions that both meet practical needs and address computational complexities.

Chris Loveday headshot

Chris Loveday


Finance & Office Manager


Chris is keeping the business humming along behind the scenes, allowing the team to focus on creating innovative solutions for our clients. Years of experience in finance and operations across various industries and international travel have given Chris a wealth of knowledge to support our operations, both nationally and internationally. With an eye for detail he will go above and beyond to support you.

 Louise Tziakis headshot

Louise Tziakis

Office Administrator


Louise is the driving engine behind our Wellington office – she makes sure that as a team we get all we need and can focus on what we do best. A seasoned administration professional, Louise brings with her a wealth of experience in making sure our both our team and clients are well supported and allows us to add that extra touch to everything that we do.

Dr Christina Ahlstrom headshot

Dr Christina Ahlstrom

MSc, PhD

Consultant Epidemiologist & Data Analyst


Christina has been a part of the team since starting a post doctoral fellowship with us in 2015 and now contributes to our projects from the wilderness and beauty of Alaska. A master of data analysis, she supports our epidemiology and data projects with fine analytical skills, an eye for what matters and a keen interest in quality science.

Pae Hokohoko Marketplace

The Pae Hokohoko Marketplace facilitates the New Zealand government's procurement process by linking businesses that offer services and sell products with government agencies that wish to buy them. 

Epi-interactive is an Approved Government Supplier on the DIA Marketplace for the following services:

  • Data Migration Services
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Management Training Services
  • IM Training Services
  • CS Project Management Services
  • Data and Information Management
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Strategy
  • Information Management Strategy
  • Data Analytics services


Posit Full Service Certified Partner

As a Posit Full Service Certified Partner we offer training, implementation, management and development services of Posit professional products.



AWS Certified Solutions Architect

We can support you with AWS cloud hosting and data solutions to support your dashboards and beyond.

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert

We are experts in designing cloud and hybrid solutions that run on Microsoft Azure. This includes compute, network, storage, monitoring, and security.

B Corp certified

We are B Corp certified, joining a global community of like-minded businesses that deeply care about people, community and the environment, not just profit.

EKOS carbon certified

We are certified as a net climate positive business by EKOS. This means we have made a commitment to measure, reduce and offset the annual greenhouse gas emissions of our operations to at least 120%.


New Zealand Biosecurity Awards

We were honoured to be a Finalist in the 2020 New Zealand Biosecurity Awards for our contribution to strengthening biosecurity and One Health frameworks.


Science NZ Supreme Award

As part of the ESR team, we received the Supreme Award at the Science New Zealand Awards 2020 for our work in New Zealand's COVID-19 response.

The Liley Medal

For our publication in the Lancet Public Health, led by Dr Sarah Jefferies (ESR), we were presented the prestigious NZ Health Research Council 2021 Liley Medal for research that has made an outstanding contribution to the health and medical sciences and is internationally recognised. The paper analyses the impact of New Zealand’s response to the first wave of COVID-19.


Adjunct academic position at Massey University, New Zealand (Dr. Petra Muellner).


One Health Aotearoa (OHA) Investigator. OHA is an alliance of New Zealand’s leading infectious diseases researchers committed to working together to address important health hazards in New Zealand, and beyond (Dr. Petra Muellner).


Diplomate of the the European College of Veterinary Public Health (ECVPH). Member and past Head Examiner of the Epidemiology Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) (Dr. Petra Muellner).


As international Consultants we support on demand activities of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO); a specialised agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger and improve nutrition and food security. (Dr. Petra Muellner / Dr. Ulrich Muellner).