Training & Events

We regularly run training and host or contribute to events. Training can be customised and delivered in-house as part of our services.

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Upcoming Events

5 May 2023
Wellington, New Zealand

Our NZ event for R users is back! For the third year running, we are providing another community opportunity to discuss and learn from others how to make the most out of R in your organisation. We will explore how to find insights in your data, visualise information and optimise workflows. If you haven’t worked with R yet, get inspired by what can be done!

Introductory and Advanced R Shiny Masterclass 
13 February – 6 April 2023
Online event

Learn from our dashboard experts how to build amazing interactive web-based visualisations with R Shiny in our Introductory and Advanced Masterclasses, depending on your skill level.

Custom workshops

If you are interested in training but the Masterclass Series isn’t quite a match with your needs just reach out to us at to discuss custom training for you and your team. We have experience delivering a wide variety of options including 1-on-1 training, project team and organisation-wide workshops.

Past events

In-person event

R Exchange 2022

27 May 2022
February — April 2022

RStudio Meetup: Under the Hood of the Road Trip Shiny App

4 May 2022
February - March 2021
November — December 2021
November 2021

R Shiny Masterclass Series

May / June 2021
In-person event

R Exchange 2021

March 2021

AIS Explorer: Decision support tool to prioritize AIS prevention activities

December 2020

Epidemix V2: Modelling ASF and COVID-19

November 2020

Epidemix V2: Taking Disease Models to the Web

March 2020

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Online Data Visualisation

March 2020

Effective User Experience Design

August 2019

Expert Corner: Building Beautiful Themes

July 2019

Introduction to R Shiny

May 2019